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A Rare Insect World's Longest

harianblogger today wrote an interesting discovery of a rare insect in the world's longest, and this info was found from a post on his blog taufikolegune, following a unique odd news more:

A rare insect in the world's longest found in Kalimantan Island. Rod-shaped insect is defined as the longest insect in the world by British scientists.

The specimen was found by local residents and investigated by the Malaysian amateur naturalist, Datuk Chan Chew Lun. Unique insect is then given the name Phobaeticus Chani, or Chan's megastick.

Paul Brock of the Natural History Museum in London said that this is the longest insect species ever found so far. Thin pencil-like shapes of bamboo, about 22 inches in length, and body length about 14 inches.

Does greatness insect? These insects have the ability to camouflaged to defend themselves. In addition, he is also going to spray toxic fluid to fight predators.

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