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Sleep snoring can be 124 Million Gift

A middle-aged man in Spain last weekend managed to win the race that is rated the most exciting: the most soundly asleep in a short time. In Spain, the custom was called Siesta and is usually done after lunch. 
Held for nine days, 14 to 23 October 2010, the competition was first held Siesta in Spain is produced major winners named Pedro Soria Lopez. The former security guards managed to sleep soundly with only takes 17 minutes. No other participants can enjoy Siesta as did Lopez.
"Oh I am so pleased to be featured as the main winners," said Lopez was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. Men from the 62-year-old Ecuadorian even, so soundly sleeping, capable of very loud snoring sound with the power of 70 decibels. For the jury, snoring loudly without contrived during sleep is a plus for the participants.
Lopez managed to beat the strongest competitor, who spent 18 minutes. The main winner was announced Saturday, October 23, 2010, in a shopping center in Madrid, which also became the location of the race.
What recipe can sleep so soundly? Apparently, Lopez admitted that he had used to Siesta, let alone he was unemployed. "The committee previously gave me lunch [which is also given to participants]. That was very helpful, "Lopez said with a laugh. So, Lopez is entitled to a check for the main prize of 1000 euros (about Rp12, 4 million).
According to organizers, this championship to revive the tradition of the Siesta among urban communities. When the pattern of life for many citizens began to change and the more pressure, the tradition of Siesta in the big cities began to fade.
"People are so stressed that they are not air-Siesta," said Andres Lemes The friends of the Association of Siesta, the tournament organizers. "Studies show that the Siesta is useful for health because it can restore the body's energy," said Lemes.
So, this contest is not intended to encourage participants to linger sleep. They were given only 20 minutes to sleep soundly. Within a day, the tournament was held eight rounds.
Winners are determined based on how pulasnya sleep in no time. In addition to determining how participants can sleep soundly, the jury also monitor the position of a good sleep and clothes that they wear. Two factors helped add value to the participants. In addition there is one more factor that also determines the victory: if participants could snore so she gets extra points.

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