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World's Most Expensive Belt

If previously harinblogger once wrote 8 Million Dollar iPhone, this time a harianblogger find information on the world's most expensive belt.
More and more women are willing to spend money for the sake of appearance, used a number of leading fashion labels. One of them Akilis brand jewelry company owner from France, who recently launched a belt or belt super deluxe.
Unmitigated belt is worth € 40,000, or about Rp56, 8 million. Price belt is considered to have the most expensive prices in the world today.
Diamond belt decorated with brightly colored military-style design. With material from crocodile leather, belt buckles shaped equipped Kalashnikov empty shell casings.
Design is never popular in the fashion world last century is the idea Akillis chief executive, Caroline Gaspard, as published in the Genius Beauty. He believes that the uniqueness of the design is above the price. According to him, a totality in producing a design is the most valued clients.
Not only a belt, some time ago, APO jeans, denim manufacturers offer the world's most expensive jeans. This company creates denim for U.S. $ 4,000, equivalent to USD 36.9 million.
And, more surprisingly, the label famous Stuart Weitzman shoes, remove shoes for £ 1 million or equivalent to Rp 13.4 trillion. The world's most expensive shoes are sold in Harrods, London, England. Shoes inspired by the ruby slippers in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" is, made of platinum and decorated with yarn yarn pieces 642 rubies.

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